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About Rich



White Water Playboating

Meaningful Nutritional Supplements

Healthy KetoGenic Eating

Mental Optimizations for better thought processes


My Story


I was born on June 30th 1958.  I am in the best spiritual, emotional and physical state of my life now.  I follow the path of Kaizen.  I live for FLOW.   My foundational statement is: Help other people live Healthy Lives. 

I love life.  I love everything about it.  The way for me to express and be part of life is thru White Water Kayaking.  The Potomac River is my alter to Life.  Nothing makes me happier then when I can  help other people find happiness thru healthier lifestyles.

Kaizen...  I am constantly trying to improve my self.  I believe that if a thing does not kill me it will probably make me better.

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