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So some explanation is necessary for this.  I don't normally do Yoga of any particular style.  I do meditate heavily, but not to any style.  I saw a number of references to this particular technique in a number of dis-similar places.  Any time I see multiple disparate sources agreeing or supporting something, I check it out.  This particular technique (SKY breathing for short) was for me really complicated and hard.  But a lot of sources were in agreement that this is the most powerful yogic technique you can do.  Research has been done showing enormous as in 300% BIG, improvements in everything from heart fitness to breathing control, to digestive issues etc etc...  So if I am going to spend my time learning any Yoga Practice, this seemed to be the one to focus on.  All of the real Yoga practicioners also say "don't try this at home :-)"


It requires the adherent, to count to 16 in blocks of 3 while flexing the stomach muscles (that's what you are counting 3 of.)  I am supposed to be doing 16 iterations of 3 flexs for a total of 48 stomach contractions.

Wait it gets better.  I am also supposed to be holding my breath for that entire time.

Still not done.  when you finish, you are supposed to exhale exclusively thru your right nostril, then re-load air by breathing in exclusively thru your left nostril. 

And I still forgot something.  You are supposed to be flexing your stomach muscles to the Magical Incantation of 'Wah Eh Guru" .  As in flex on Wah, flex on Eh, flex on Guru. 

Oh yes, you are supposed to be focusing your eyesight on the tip of your nose, something about looking downwards, but that's not enough, you are also supposed to have your eyes mostly (but evidently not completely closed).  Really?  yes really.

Finally I am supposed to keep this up for 5 minutes.  My shirt is off because otherwise you really have no idea what the heck the people are talking about when they say "pump your stomach".  PUMP?  WTF does that mean?  Well its yogic for flex your abdominals.  I don't know why they can not say that.  With my shirt off you can see me actually trying to flex my stomach muscles.  Its a lot harder to do all this then you might think.  Sort of like the patting head and rubbing stomach thing.  Oh also hopefully its obvious that you are supposed to be sitting corsslegged, not in an office chair like me.  I AM NOT THE EXAMPLE FOR HOW TO DO THIS  (YET :-)

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