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Everyone is interested in Yoga Toes. Basically its the concept of getting your toes spread back out. Why does anyone care? If you don't have elderly parents or grandparents then go visit a retirement community. Look at their feet. Now you know. But if you can't or won't visit, then the summary is this: Western Civilization has the foot thing all wrong. There is a surprise! Toes are not supposed to be jammed together. They are supposed to be spaced out. The long term result of almost all shoes is to force the toes tightly together. As you age, the toes impact each other and start turning in all kinds of weird directions. Specifically and badly they cut into each other. This leads to "hammer toe", toes cutting into the sides of each other, which means infections etc. It also detracts from stability, which means you increase the likelihood you will fall down. Its all bad. What we should have been doing is wearing something that spaced the toes out or better yet, wearing nothing at all (on your feet). Yoga Toes is a spacer block that you pull/yank down on your toes to force them apart - see my video on this. I do this every day and as of the time of this writing have been doing it every day without fail for about 30 minutes. Really I don't miss. The net result is that very very slowly my toes are spreading back out. Increasing stability, reducing the likelihood that I will get foot problems as I age.

You have to be brain dead not to do this. For me it's as regular as tooth brushing. Very very very slowly my toes are spreading back out. The don't cost anything, compared to the potential problems that they will avert. Yes they hurt to begin with! But that's because almost everybody in the west has toes that are inappropriately squashed together. The problem of course with squashed toes is the inevitable blood poisoning that will happen when you get older. Then all of the ancillary issues associated with blood poisoning, antibiotics, immobility, etc, all because You weren't willing to spend 20 minutes or so a day using this ridiculously trivial rubber product.

Do it now.

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